barbeque at home

We all get a little picky when it comes to our home décor or dining space. We want only the best for our houses. There is an eye for detail in every nook and corner of our house. We plan everything to be perfectly regimented and in an orderly fashion. The way we style our home speaks volumes about our personality. Everybody has a different style statement. Everyone has a different say in the colour of the walls, the lounging area, the living room, the couch, the kitchen etc

I feel that the kitchen is one’s most personal space where one’s most
time is spent and it is the space where everybody gathers to dine and has candid conversations with one another, not to mention with various gastronomical delights and delicacies. Everyone has a different taste in the crockery, cutlery or any kind of other kitchen essentials for that matter. We all are a fan of barbecues, then be it veg or non-veg. It is a style of cooking or a style of food and a name for meal where it is cooked in a certain way. It is mostly done outdoors by smoking meat or veggies over wood or charcoal for social events. Although it differs from culture to culture, but the gist of it remains the same. It includes smoking, grilling, roasting and marinating. Usually it is done over direct dry heat over hot flames.

Most people usually use barbecues for cooking meat over sticks or assorted veggies and kebabs. It encompasses multiple types of cooking techniques, some grills are vertical with a different type of mould for each compartment while some are quintessential horizontal ones which have a barrel. Grilling is done over direct hot fire over 260 degree Celsius.
One can even try to make a cost efficient barbecue at home. One can make a barbecue by buying a lasagna pan or something is layered correctly with appropriate distance between the grills and the coals and has depth to it that holds the charcoal well so as to not burn the food.

In our personal space there are areas which are abandoned we can make the most use of them as well as save our money by making a barbecue at home. If one has a vacant space in backyard then all he needs is a concrete block and a piece of metal wherein one can marinate the food smothered in one’s favorite spices and sauces.

It was an age old tradition once upon a time to use a stove. Due to the urbanization, the use of stoves has been reduced to a great extent, however we can make use of them as a barbecue by covering it with a grill and putting coals inside the stove. This way the space is reduced as a stove is compact. These are several way to make a barbecue at home which is both cost efficient and simple. This one way one does not need to shell out his money to buy a fancy one online!